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Custom Drum Topper

Des-Case Custom Drum Topper

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Drum topper - Brushed Aluminum

Brand: Des-Case
Part Number:


The FlowGuard™ drum topper is a portable filtration unit with many uses, including:

  • Filtering new oil directly from the drum
  • Allowing you to fill small totes
  • Acting as an offline filter for critical equipment

You can completely customize your drum topper below. To learn more about each option, just click on the "Help Me Choose" next to each section. Click on the desired option to create your specific drum topper unit.


  • Pump/Motor Combination: 3.5 gpm pump/.25 electric motor, 115 vac, 60hz, 1725 rpms, 5 amps
  • Drain and Fill Connector: ISO B Coupler - NPT
  • Drain and Fill Size: Drain: 1" connection, Fill: 3/4" connection. **Hoses are 1/2"
  • Filter A: Water Removal Filter
  • Filter B: 3 micron Particulate Filter
  • Filter Bypass Valve: Manual Filter Bypass Valve
  • Sample Valves: High Viscosity Sample Valves
  • Color: Black