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FlowGuard Panel Unit

Des-Case FlowGuard Panel Unit

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Fixed Filtration

2gpm Electric Pump - 115vac, 60 hz, Painted Black.

Brand: Des-Case
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Industry spends millions of dollars annually treating the negative effects of contamination caused by dirt and moisture, such as excess machine wear, production downtime, and repair costs.

Whether you have an application that needs regular filtration, or a maintenance location where you bring equipment to be filtered, our FlowGuard™ panel unit is a made-to-order solution which can be mounted where you need it most.


  • Flow Rate 2 gpm
  • Power Supply 115v, 60 Hz, 1725 rpms, 13 amps
  • Filter A 12 Micron Particulate Filter
  • Filter B 6 Micron Particulate Filter
  • Sample Valves High Viscosity Sample Valves
  • Oil Cooler Oil Cooler
  • Temperature Gauge Temperature Gauge
  • Filter Bypass Valve Manual Filter Bypass Valve
  • Color Black


  • Filter bypass - Allows easy transfer of clean oil
  • Dual-stage filtration - Ensures optimal lubricant cleanliness
  • Industrial powder-coated paint - Provides durability
  • Customizable colors - Makes it easy to differentiate between assorted lubricants by paint color selection
  • Oil cooler (optional) - Helps extend life of oil