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CinStan Calibration Kit

CINRG Systems Inc. CinStan Calibration Kit

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Automated Auto-Diluting Particle Counter

CinStan Calibration Kit

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The CINRG CinStan Calibration Fluids Kit is suitable for a single calibration of a CS-APC-2 or CS-APC-22M instrument. The kit includes;

  • CinStan (CONOSTAN) Super Clean Fluid (400 ml)
  • CinStan PSL40 SCF Blend - 40µm monospheres in SCF (250 ml)
  • CinStan PSL70 SCF Blend - 70µm monospheres in SCF (250 ml)
  • CinStan PSL100 SCF Blend - 100µm monospheres in SCF (250 ml)
  • PartiStan 2806 Calibration Fluid (400 ml)