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Particle Count Sensor

Klotz Particle Count Sensor

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Automated Particle Counter

Multi-channel laser particle counting sensor for CINRG CS-APC-2 instrument.

Brand: Klotz
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A laser particle counting sensor for particle measurement in a size range of 1-200µm that works using the light blockage principle.


  • Cable Length: 80 cm
  • Usage: Sensor for particles in liquids, also for high viscous media
  • Measuring Range: Water 1µm - 160µm, oil 1,5µm - 100µm after ISO (91)
  • Flow Rate: Typically 50 ml/min (max. 100 ml/min)
  • Max. Concentration: 25 000 particles/ml
  • No. of Channels: 4,096
  • Connecting plug sensor: Lemosa 10-pole
  • Medium connector: 6mm Ermeto bore whole W according to DIN3861
  • Maximum input pressure: Light blockage: 50bar (Option: 1.000bar bzw. 3.000 bar)
  • Light scatter: Vacuum, max. 1 bar
  • Dimensions (Ø/L): 50/160mm /50/225mm
  • Weight: 750g


  • Multi-channel sensor