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Gravity Feed Dispensing Station

Lubrigard Gravity Feed Dispensing Station

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Simple and Powerful.

Custom Designed Lube Storage and Dispensing System

Brand: Lubrigard
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The Gravity Feed Dispensing Station is a new product manufactured to keep your lubricants clean and dry. Use one of our standard filtration systems to fill them with prefiltered fluids to dispense on demand. Extremely modular to fit all your application and lubricant needs. All products are 100% customizable. Typical Applications
• Hydraulic Tanks
• Topping off tanks w/ pre-filtered fluids
• Lubricant storage & handling
• Dirty environments
• Lube systems & gearboxes
• The modular design is both expandable and flexible.
• Compact, stackable profile to save on space and time.
• Angled tanks for true gravity feed.
• Fits up to 10 liter jugs.
• Ensure no cross contamination with colored, labeled tanks.


  • Tanks:30 gallon, modular steel tank with drip pan and drain *Multiple tank sizes and configurations available Stainless steel and poly options available.
  • Frame: Steel stand
  • Level Indicator: Full length tank level indicator
  • Faucet Valve: Spring driven faucet valve for mess free dispensing
  • Breather: Includes desiccant breather kit *Other breather options available.
  • Connections: ISO quick disconnects *Other connection options available
  • Options: Optional ID plate for fluid labeling