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3D Sight Glass 1/4" BSPP

Luneta 3D Sight Glass 1/4 inch BSPP

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Luneta's new Sight Glass has all the clarity and durability you need, with none of the leaks, cracks or squinting you may be used to with those old-style sight glasses. You'll never have to use fragile, dark, hard-to-read sight glasses again.

Brand: Luneta
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High-Definition View

Compared to other bullseye sight glasses, the Luneta Sight Glass provides a crystal-clear, undistorted view of in-service oils. You'll notice the difference immediately . This level of clarity is achieved by our manufacturing process and the use of Tritan, which allows for much thinner outer walls than acrylic sight glasses.

Heavy-Duty Durability

The Luneta Sight Glass is 4x stronger than traditional acrylic sight glasses, shatterproof and chemically resistant. In fact, it's made with a proprietary copolyester that is stronger than bulletproof glass. The Luneta Sight Glass can take a beating and withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures.


  • Impact Resistance (Joules): >40
  • Toughness or Durability (Notched Izod, 23-deg C, J/cm): 9.8
  • Wall Thickness (Thinner = Clearer): 0.19"
  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent Size: 1/4" BSPP


  • Durable
  • One-piece, high-impact Tritan construction makes it the toughest site glass available
  • Resistant to chemical wear and buildup
  • Integrated threads means no leaking between sightglass and machine port
  • Convenient
  • The Sight Glass extends from the machine, providing a clear view of oil
  • Molded-in hex nut means a quick, simple installation
  • Integrated eyelet for attaching lubricant ID tags or other pertinent information speeds up visual inspection and prevents confusion
  • Precise
  • Tritan construction means the Sight Glass is ultra-thin & super-clear with no distortion/discoloration
  • Etched, painted cross-hairs won't fade, rub off or distort the perceived oil level
  • Flat front surface allows for use of light or lasers to check for particulate - with no light deflection