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Fire Compliance Kit (per Container)

IFH Fire Compliance Kit (per Container)

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For fire compliance

Kit includes a glass sight gauge, flex steel hose & a fusible link valve in case of a fire it will shut the product off in the container. Suitable for standard IFH container.

Brand: IFH
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For users who need to be in compliance with strict fire safety regulations, IFH offers the Fire Safety Compliance Kit. The standard PVC Sight Gauge on the front of the Containers is replaced with a fire-resistant Glass Sight Gauge equipped with Ball Check Fittings at both ends. Underneath the Containers, the standard PVC hose is replaced with 3/4" NPT Fittings, Flex Steel Hose that connects to a Fusible Link Valve with a spring-activated handle. If the temperature reaches 165° F (73.9° C), the handle is automatically triggered and shuts off any possible leakage of fluid from the Container.