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High-Viscosity Container (upgrade) - 15 gallon

IFH High-Viscosity Container (upgrade) - 15 gallon

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Hi-Viscosity Tank Upgrade

Required for storing and dispensing oils with grades ISO 220 or higher. NOTE: This is an upgrade price (add to the price of a system).

Brand: IFH
Part Number:


When storing oils that have a viscosity of 220 cSt @ 40°C (ISO 220) or greather, a high-viscosity tank must be used. This tank has larger valves (1-1/2") and hosing to allow for the thicker viscosity oil to dispense at a normal rate.

NOTE: If you have high-viscosity containers in your IFH Rack System, you must also add a one-time motor upgrade P/N 741003AON


  • Container Size: 15 gallon
  • Bung size: 2"
  • Hose diameter (ID): 1-1/2"
  • Valve size: 1-1/2"