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Seismic Restraints

IFH Seismic Restraints

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Seismic Restraints

Seismic kit includes 4 steel plates with lag bolt holds welded onto either IFH racking frame, or to the bottom of the spill containment pan.

Brand: IFH
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For IFH System: Large 8" X 8" Steel Plates are welded to the bottom of the Upright Frame Legs on all 4 Corners so that the System can be lagged to the ground with Lag Bolts.

For Spill Containment Pans:Large 8" X 8" Steel Plates are welded onto the channel supports of each section of the containment Pan, or 4 plates per pan section.

NOTE: For systems with Spill Containment: The spill containment pans will have to be lag-bolted to the floor, then the entire IFH Rack system will be welded in place into the spill containment pans.