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spill containment for 6-container wide system

IFH spill containment for 6-container wide system

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Spill containment for oils and industrial fluids

Avoid costly clean-ups and potential fines, with the IFH Spill Containment System for use with the IFH Storage Racks.

Brand: IFH
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The IFH optional Spill Containment System can help you avoid costly clean up and potential fines. The Spill Containment System includes spill containment for the IFH Storage & Dispensing System IFH-HDK8


  • Height: 18 centimeters (7")
  • Width: 4.57 meters (180")
  • Depth: 1.27 meters (50")
  • Weight: 272 kg (600 lb)


  • Spill containment.
  • Full regulatory compliance.