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120 gal Used Oil Transfer Skid with Spill Containment

Fluid Defense 120 gal Used Oil Transfer Skid with Spill Containment

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The better way to handle oils

120 gallon Used Oil Transfer

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OilSafe`s contamination control measures do not end with new industrial fluids; this product line takes best practices with contamination and safety measures to another level by offering the ability to recycle/dispose of used oils through Waste Oil Skids. These skids have a capacity of 120 or 240 gallon sizes and allow for full containment in a single location.


  • Each system is housed in a spill containment pallet and includes:
  • - Identifiable white tank with a level indicator
  • - 1/2" male quick disconnect for transferring the oils into the tank
  • - Funnel for pouring oils in and draining filter elements with flame arrestor and auto-close lid in the event of fire
  • - 1-1/2" camlock access for bulk truck servicing
  • - Forklift and pallet jack access to all 4 sides
  • - 4 leveling feet