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Portable Fluid Cart

IFH Portable Fluid Cart

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Take the weight of oil, and cans off your back

The IFH PC-2860-65AR lubrication cart holds 1 product in a 205 litre (65 gallon) container and features an air pump and suctions hoses for the container.

Brand: IFH
Part Number:


Take the weight of oil, cans, filters and tools off the backs of your maintenance operators and put it on wheels.


  • Number of containers: 1
  • Size of containers: 1 X 205 liters (65 gallons)
  • Pump: 1 X 1:1 air operated 1" NPT reversible diaphragm pump with F-R-L


  • 1 x 65 Gallon Mild Steel Container including a guarded PVC Sight Gauge, 2" Prevent Fill Cap, Pump Mounting Bracket, Permanent Suction Tube with Quick Disconnects and Outlet Fittings
  • 1 X 1:1 Air Operated 1" NPT Reversible Diaphragm Pump with a Filter - Regulator- Lubricator, Air Shut-Off Valve, Quick Disconnects and Outlet Fittings
  • 1 x 6" x 1" Reinforced Suction Hose with Quick Disconnects, Suction Hose Wand with Quick Disconnects and a 2' x 1" Reinforced Suction Hose to go From the Cart Container to the Pump.
  • Equipment will come complete on a full Length and Width Drip Pan Base with 8" Mold On Rubber Casters, Foot Brake, Push/Pull Handle and Drain. Cart Measures 28" Wide x 60" Long.