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DC-XD-6 Extreme Duty Breather

Des-Case DC-XD-6 Extreme Duty Breather

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Extreme Duty Breathers

Ideal for harsh environments

Brand: Des-Case
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Every element of Des-Case's Extreme Duty Disposable Breathers has been designed to take contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of applications in challenging environments.

Des-Case extreme-duty breathers attack the cause of contamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs - out of your equipment.


  • Unit Height 6.51" (16.54 cm)
  • Diameter 5.1" (12.95 cm)
  • Amount of Silica Gel: 1 lb. 12 oz. (790 g)
  • Adsorption Capacity: 10.72 fl.oz. (315 ml)
  • Connection Size: 1-1/2" x 16 Straight Thread
  • Max. Flow Rate (cfm): 20 @ 1 PSID
  • Operating Temp. Range: -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C)
  • Body Material: Nylon & Polycarbonate
  • Hydrophilic Agent: Silica Gel
  • Filter Media: ePTFE


  • Eliminates rust-forming condensation
  • Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil
  • Provides longer oil and filter life
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life
  • Helps reduce operating costs due to repair parts, labor costs, and production downtime
  • Allows optimum performance and ongoing reliability of industrial machinery
  • Automotive grade housing and solid standpipe design offer increased vibration resistance and temperature range
  • Three layers of protection to 0.3ì
  • Water-blocking filter media prevents free water from entering breather
  • Clear windows for easy system monitoring
  • Color-changing silica gel changes from blue to pink when breather needs replacing
  • Check valve system extends product life even further