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Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

ue systems Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

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Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

Brand: ue systems
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As lubrication levels fall, friction levels rise producing ultrasonic waves which are very directional and localized. The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy translates high frequency sounds down into the audible range where users will hear and recognize bearing sounds. The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy focuses in on these sounds, even in the most noisy environments and helps users identify when to stop lubrication.


  • UP201 Includes (features):
  • frequency response centered around 32 kHz
  • swivels left / right, up/down for difficult angles
  • 10 segment LED bar graph (red)
  • universal, fits most commercially used cartridge grease guns
  • deluxe noise isolating headset for use with hardhat
  • gives visual and audible indication for proper lubrication
  • magnetically mounted transducer with cable
  • docking plate