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Large 4 Way Grease Tool

Grease Safe Large 4 Way Grease Tool

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Greasing Equipment

Large 4 Way Grease Tool

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Handy, dual purpose tool for removing worn and broken grease fittings as well as re-tapping holes for installing new grease fittings.

Works with both straight and angled fittings and is available in small and large sizes for use on almost all threaded fittings.


  • Item: 4 Way Grease Tool - Large
  • Hex Size: 3/8" (9mm) - 7/16" (11mm)
  • Tap Rethreads: 1/8" - 27


  • For installing straight grease fittings
  • Screw extractor for removing worn & broken grease fittings
  • For installing angled grease fittings
  • Hardened tap for retapping holes