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IsoLink Best Practice Kit

Des-Case IsoLink Best Practice Kit

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The Clean Link Between New Oil and Equipment

IsoLink Best Practice Kit

Brand: Des-Case
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IsoLink Oil Transfer Containers provide the first best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer. With non-desiccant and desiccant breather options available, as well as quick connects for clean filling, IsoLink isolates oil from the environment providing the ultimate in best practice contamination control.


  • Includes:
  • (1) of each size container
  • (2) dispensing lids with ISO B plugs & desiccant breathers
  • (1) blue 5" spout with 1" tip
  • (1) red 8" spout with 1/2" tip
  • (1) black 16" extended spout with 1" tip
  • (1) pump lid with ISO B plug & desiccant breather
  • (1) yellow pump cap
  • (1) 5' pump with ISO B Coupler
  • (1) yellow pump color-coding ring
  • (1) lubricant tagging package


  • Color-coding ring for pump lid come in 11 colors and offer a best practices color-coding solution