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Pocket Frame Leash (pack of 10)

Label Safe Pocket Frame Leash (pack of 10)

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Advanced Labeling System

This Reusable leash is perfect for securing Label Safe Pocket Frames. The head of the leash is designed specifically for securing in the body of the Label Safe Pocket Frame and holding it tight and secure.

Brand: Label Safe
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Highly visual, simple and reliable, the LABEL SAFE Advanced Labeling System ensures the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time.

Specially designed for industry, LABEL SAFE is the only industrial grade labeling system in the world that enables accurate lubricant identification from bulk storage to the point of use.

LABEL SAFE is part of an innovative portfolio of products that combine to form a revolutionary system for managing lubricants from bulk storage to the point of use.


  • Industrial grade
  • Attaches Pocket Frames to containres, machinery, pipings and fittings
  • Use invidivually
  • Easily removed and reused
  • Available in Black