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50GPM Vacuum Dehydrator 460VAC 3P 1.0 66KW

Lubrigard 50GPM Vacuum Dehydrator 460VAC 3P 1.0 66KW

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Simple and Powerful.

Vacuum Dehydration System

Brand: Lubrigard
Part Number:


The purpose of the FD-5 Vacuum Dehydration System is to serve as an oil treatment system. By removing water (dissolved, emulsified and free), gasses and solid contaminants the oil can return to its original condition, and be reused in lubricating systems. Having clean, dry oil will allow hydraulic and lubricating systems to perform more efficiently and can result in significant financial gains. The need to purchase new lubricating oils can be reduced and in some cases eliminated completely.

To begin, the oil is brought into the chamber and passed over the heater and heated. It then is dispersed over the Pall Rings , located inside the tower, and then exposed to a vacuum, usually between 22-25"Hg.

After the oil has been degassed and dehydrated it is pumped out of the bottom of the tower via the hydraulic pump into the filter to remove any contaminants before it enters the reservoir or system again.

In order to optimize this process the FD-5 Purifier is partially automated with a PLC and series of electrically controlled switches. Data, diagnostics, alerts and many help screens can be accessed on the control panel touch screen display.

Typical Applications:

  • Filtering Pulp and Paper lube systems
  • Filtering steam turbine lube systems
  • Filtering hydraulic reservoirs
  • Filtering rolling mill lube tanks
  • And many other industrial applications containing oil

Typical Industries:
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel
  • Automotive Manufacturing


  • Water and Particulate Removal System - 50 GPM- 4 (NEMA 4 Rated)
  • Flow Rate - 50 GPM
  • (Z)Pre-Filtration - (Inlet Basket Strainer 100 Mesh) Followed by #2 Bag Filter Housing
  • Filtration - (1) Industry Standard 6" X 36" Housing
  • Heater - 66 kW Single Circulation Low Watt Density Heater NEMA 4 rated (2) Circuit
  • Inlet/Discharge Size and Connections - 2" Camlock
  • Discharge Pump - Internal Gear w/Pressure Relief Set@ 100 PSI
  • Discharge Pump drive motor - 480V/ 3 Ph/ 60 Hz TEFC. NEMA 4 Rated
  • Base - Carbon Steel With 2.0" Spill Containment Rail, Fork Slots, Push Rail, Cord Holder, And Low Point Drain
  • Vacuum System - Dry Claw Style Type, Ultimate Vacuum 28.44 (In. Hg), Ultimate
  • Vacuum
  • Continuous Operation 27 (In. Hg)
  • Oil Sampling Ports- " Best Practice" Quick connect with dust caps
  • Instrumentation - Liquid Filled Industrial Style Panel Mount
  • Inlet Safety Direct Acting Solenoid Valve - 120 V/ 1Ph/ 60 Hz. NEMA 4 Rated
  • Safety Discharge Check Valve - Inline Ball Style 5 PSI Cracking Pressure
  • Piping - Carbon steel, Rated For Temperature To 225 deg. F. @ Pressures Rated To 150 PSI
  • Paint - Industrial Type Powder Coating
  • Internal Coating - Dry Powder Fusion Bonded Industrial Powdered Coating
  • Control Panel - NEMA 4 Rated Equipped With a Digital Temperature Controller, Industrial Grade Pilot Lights, Phase Reversal Switch, and Siemens PLC
  • System Voltage - 480V 3 Phase 60 Hz, and Requires 100 AMP Power Supply
  • Power Cord- S.O. Cord 25Ft.
  • (Z)Hoses- Qty.(2) 2" x 20 ft. Heavy Duty Hoses With Cam-lock Ends Outlet adjusted to 1.5"
  • Casters - Qty.(2) Swivel, qty. (2) Fixed Heavy Duty
  • Dimensions - 62"W X 88"L X 91"H Estimated
  • Weight-Estimated 5,500 Lbs.
  • Locking Ball valves on Inlet and outlet of the Bag Filter
  • (Z) Foam Detctor and Knock Down Circuit.
  • *Filter Change notification and Reset automatically with Filter change
  • *All Controls and Valves can be accessed from the front side of the unit to enable easy access for maintenance and repairs.

Operator Interface Panel Features:
  • One button start/stop
  • Unattended operation
  • Automatic PLC based controls safely monitor the system and will shut it down if operating parameters move outside normal limits
  • Touchscreen Panel displays all conditions, including possible causes and remedies
  • Troubleshooting and help screens

ContaminantType FD-15 Capability
Water Remove100% free water plus 90% dissolved water
ParticulateISO Cleanliness Code 13/11/8; per ISO 4406:1999
GassesRemove 100% free gases plus 90% dissolved gases
AirRemove 100% free air plus 90% dissolved air