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GFC 300 W/ 2GPM, 1-1/2HP, SPCL Hoses

Lubrigard GFC 300 W/ 2GPM, 1-1/2HP, SPCL Hoses

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Simple and Powerful.

GFC 300 W/ 2GPM, 1-1/2HP, SPCL Hoses

Brand: Lubrigard
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Custom filter cart


  • Gold 4 Wheel Mobile Fine Filtration System
  • 2 Swivel Rear Casters and 2 Rigid Casters at the front
  • Forklift Pockets for addittion transport
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • System Drain For Element Changes and System Maintenance
  • Manual Bypass For Non-Filtering Oil Transfer
  • 3 - Gold Canister System W/ Air Purge Petcock (Purge During first use to eliminate Air lock in cannister)
  • 3 - GH134 Hydraulic Elements (High Dirt and Water Holding Capacity)
  • (Z)1.5HP Electric Motor TEFC 110VAC W/ 2GPM Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gear Pump W/150 PSI Relief Valve Integral
  • (ZH)15' Suction Clear PVC Hose 1" & 20' Discharge Clear PVC Hose 3/4" (Both hoses with 1" Female Cam Locks ends)
  • 15' Electric Cord With Three Prong Plug