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Guardian Portable Filtration System

Parker Guardian Portable Filtration System

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Portable oil filtration at it`s smallest

Small portable filtration system for filtering oils during fill/top-up operations.

Brand: Parker
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The Guardian portable filtration system is a unique pump/motor/filter combination designed for conditioning and transferring petroleum-based and water emulsion fluids. It protects your system from contamination added with new fluid because new fluid is not necessarily clean fluid. Most new fluids right out of the drum are unfit for use due to high initial concentrations of contaminants. Contamination may be added to a new fluid during processing, mixing, handling, and storage.

The Guardian also circulates and "polishes" fluid in your existing systems to reduce the contamination to an acceptable level.

There are literally hundreds of applications that the Guardian is suited for, with more being discovered each day. If your system is sensitive to the harmful effects of contamination, then the Guardian may be ideal for you.


  • Lightweight, hand-held, compact design (less than 24 lbs. 16" X 8" approximate foot print)
  • Flow rate to 4 GPM
  • Powerful pump/motor combination with Carboxylated Nitrile seals standard
  • Built-in relief valve with no downstream fluid bypass
  • Wide variety of filter elements available
  • Clear, wire-reinforced 5` hose assemblies with wand attachments
  • Heavy-duty 1/4 HP, 115 VAC motor with thermal overload protection
  • Geroter pump with visible serviceable inlet strainer
  • Quite operation
  • Convenient inlet-to-outlet hose connection
  • Low center of gravity
  • Dual motor seals
  • Auxiliary inlet/outlet ports