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Lubrigard GFC300 Motor

Lubrigard Lubrigard GFC300 Motor

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Simple and Powerful.


Brand: Lubrigard
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Our dedicated by-pass filtration systems far exceed industry standards, filtering down to 1 micron will maintain cleanliness levels several grades cleaner than brand new oil, dramatically extending the life of lubricated components and oil. Increased filtration accuracy prevents wear in hydraulic, gear and diesel engine oil systems. Extending equipment life saves you time, money and resources. Maximum contaminant holding capacity and water removal with depth filtration increases reliability and productivity for your most critical assets. Our GFC series offers full-time or scheduled, timed operation for 24/7 filtration. Portable flexibility to filter bulk storage or actively running equipment. A variety of elements, plus a heater option, allows for filtration of viscosities up to 1000 cSt!


  • HZ : 60
  • HP/KW 1/0.75
  • RPM 1725
  • Voltage 115/230


  • Filters down to 1 micron, several grades cleaner than new oil
  • Moisture removal down to 100ppm
  • Lower ISO codes
  • Heavy duty wheels for easy mobility
  • Laser Particle Counter option so you can always know your oil condition in real time
  • Sample port for easily drawn oil samples
  • Depth-style filtration for maximum dirt holding capacity and efficiency
  • Reduces Contamination Failure in Hydraulic Systems, Transmission Fluids, Mobile Hydraulic Systems and Stationary Hydraulic Systems