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Panel unit 1HP 460VAC 3P 5GPM SPCL

Lubrigard Panel unit 1HP 460VAC 3P 5GPM SPCL

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Compact and Portable

Panel Unit, 5GPM, 1HP Push Buttom SMPL

Brand: Lubrigard
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When you need to install a permanent, continuous duty solution for your offline filtration, the PU-D Panel Unit is the perfect solution. Available in a variety of sizes, it will suit any space requirement you may have. These filtration systems have all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up to 600cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100F within ambient temperature ranges of -15F to 150F. All Y2K products are 100% customizable upon request.

Typical Applications:

  • Filtering contaminated system
  • Collecting oil samples for analysis
  • Dispensing new oil
  • Permanent Installations


  • Standard Panel Unit Approx. Dimensions: 24"L x 12" Deep x 29" Height (Note Addition of Pump Motor Changes Dimensions from Original Quoted Panel)
  • Dual 50 PSI Bypass Filter Heads With Color Coded Slide Type Differential Pressure Indicators
  • First Stage Water Removal P1048WR
  • Second Stage 7 Micron Element P1065
  • Drip Pan Welded under the elements for minor spills
  • 1HP Motor 460VAC, 3 Phase
  • 1HP Rated 460VAC Motor Starter (Stop/Start & Reset)No Cord, Customer to Hard Wire into Motor Starter Box
  • (O)Sample Ports Up / Down Stream Of the elements
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: Common 1" MJIC Connections Capped (Per Email Request)
  • (Z)Pressure Gauges Up/Down Stream of the elements
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • (Z)Electronic Differential indicator Installed (For customer integrated system, Both Visual & Electronic) 3 Meter Din Cable Included with unit With Flying Leads *SPDT 3W, 0.25 Amp