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M Series Spin-On Filter Element 3 Micron

Lubrigard M Series Spin-On Filter Element 3 Micron

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When your system demands the ultimate in fluid cleanliness

Our M Series spin-on filter elements are an important line of defense in maintaining fluid quality. These filter elements have a wide range of chemical compatibility, which allows them to be used in most of your industrial applications. They are available

Brand: Lubrigard
Part Number:



  • Synthetic microfiber media offers a wide range of chemical compatibility
  • Minimal pressure drop across a wide range of oil viscosities
  • Universal connection makes it easily adaptable and equivalent to many OEM filters


  • 5.06" x 10.86 inches"
  • 3 micron filter element
  • (B3 = 1000)
  • Desired Cleanliness Level (ISO code): 14/12/9 - 13/11/8


  • Features:

      Max working pressure of 175 PSI
    • Element Collapse: 200 PSI
    • Maximum Flow: 66GPM
    • Thread Size: 1 1/2 -16UN
    • Operating temperature of -13°F to 230°F
    • Fluid Compatibility: Mineral and Synthetic Oils
    • Seals and Binding: Buna-N and Epoxy Binding
    • Dimensions: 5.06" x 10.86"