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LUBE HERO Grease Symposium (1 day)

Take part in this 1 Day Grease Symposium to learn valuable information on Best in Class Grease Practices, Newest innovations in greasing tools, Sensors and IoT software programs designed for today's maintenance managers and technicians.

Lubrigard has arranged to have product specialists present their newest technologies, products and services relating to grease applications. You will finish the day with a much clearer vision for servicing and maintaining your greased equipment.

It is well documented that the majority of Industrial Plants continue to struggle with the high costs related to production downtime, bearing replacement costs and labour costs associated with bearing application failures.

Studies show that over 50% of bearing failures are related to these 3 functions: 1) Over Greasing 2) Wrong grease selection and/or grease cross contamination 3) Dirt and water contamination ingression.

If you are having trouble answering the questions below, then this grease symposium is for you:

The symposium will help you broaden your knowledge and insight for grease application servicing and will help guide you in making a change that will truly help you curb these costly bearing failures and bring much-needed reliability to your plant's overall equipment effectiveness goals.

  • Role of Machinery Lubrication
  • Greasing Lube Identification and colour coding
  • Grease Lubrication Products
  • Purge Grease Bearing and sensors
  • Ultrasonic Grease monitor tools
  • Auto Lube single point Lubrication
  • Multi-Point Lubrication Systems
  •   8:30 - Symposium begins; Introductions
  •   8:45 - LG-Role of Machinery Lubrication
  •   9:15 - LG- Best class Products for Grease tools and identification ID tags
  •   9:45 - PC- Grease products and compatibility
  •  10:30 - BREAK
  •  10:45 - ABB – Purge Bearing and sensor applications
  •  12:00 - LUNCH
  •   1:00 - UE- Ultrasonic Greasing Tools
  •   2:00 - BREAK
  •   2:15 - WF – Auto Lube
  •   3:15 - WF – Multi-Point Systems
  •   3:45 - Closing Notes – Questions
  •   4:00 - Symposium Completed

There is a $90.00 FEE for this Symposium.

Each Attendee will receive a Lube Hero Attendance Card with the date of completion and an information package regarding the Items discussed in the symposium.

Lubrigard can help you overcome the major hurdles to achieving world-class lubrication, by providing you with a specific action plan to improve equipment reliability and rescue your maintenance team from constantly "putting out fires". Lubrigard has the knowledge and support to provide you with specific solution to your current lubrication needs. Industrial supply since 2002.

Paul Dumont is Vice President of Sales for Lubrigard Ltd. Paul started his career running his own business in the proactive lubrication industry providing lubrication solutions to his clients. Since joining Lubrigard Ltd. Paul has developed strong relationships with both distributors and major clients and is the source of technical knowledge for Lubrigard services. (OMA I, MLA I, MLT I certified).

Richard Haines has 31 years in Motors & Power Transmission Industry. Regal - Beloit (Leeson Canada / Grove Gear).
Tsubaki of Canada, Transbearco Ltd.


Behshad Sabah Sr. Technical Services Advisor, Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.
Primarily responsible for providing technical support to mining industry and other industrial sectors in my area. Certifications: STLE (Society of Tribologist & Lubrication Engineers), CLS, OMA I,II, STLE Member, Toronto STLE Board of Directors, ESC2 CAT I (Vibration analyst), VI CAT II (Vibration analyst).

Rudi Sonnekus, Managing Director at World Focus. Johannesburg Area, South Africa. Accomplished business entrepreneur with experience of 3 successful start-up businesses over 20 years. His excellent strategic planning, management and organisation skills enable smooth day to day operations and rapid growth of business.

Sean Miller, Canadian Operations Manager at UE SYSTEMS.
Since Joining UE Systems in 2007 I have lectured, taught and sold Ultrasonic technology throughout Canada. As a Certified Level I Ultrasound Inspector, I travel Canada, supporting the implementation and ongoing ultrasound programs for UE Systems, including PdM and Energy Conservation programs.