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Additional RCM3 Training

RLB-F Reliability Leaders' Boot Camp for Facilitators (10-DAY)


The RCM3 Facilitator Course is a 10 day syndicated course introducing the skills necessary to successfully lead an RCM3 analysis. An experienced Aladon Certified Practitioner will teach you to understand the competencies of a facilitator through classroom application and coaching using real world case studies.

An RCM3 analysis conducted by a competent facilitator significantly increases asset performance while improving safety and environmental compliance and reducing risk (physical and economic) and unexpected costs. A qualified facilitator will maximize the quality and consistency of the asset reliability program and support the resulting cultural change. During the Advanced RCM3 Facilitator training the concepts of RCM3 are reinforced and the participants apply these by practicing their facilitation skills in a controlled, coached environment.



For those who already have experience as an RCM3 Facilitator, the certification process is as simple as booking your technical audits and writing the certification examination.

Price: $4999 CAD + HST







This competency development program and certification is designed specifically for organizations striving to increase asset performance through reliability improvement. RCM principals are at the heart of modern day asset management, asset performance, reliability and maintenance. The first step, the RCM Introductory Course provides an excellent opportunity to be guided through these concepts by a recognized leader - a Certified Aladon Practitioner.

The RCM3 Facilitator Competency Development Program (this course) builds on the lessons learned during the RCM3 Introductory course and through two case studies guides us on facilitating an RCM3 analysis on these assets. The course strengthens our knowledge of RCM3 as well as provides a strong structure on how to facilitate, measuring our progress against the 47 competencies of a Facilitator. This course combined with coaching and mentoring during the first two analyses I conduct is designed to help me become an effective and efficient RCM3 Facilitator. The proper application of RCM3 methodology to the appropriate assets results in lower overall operational risk. This means increased safety and environmental compliance as well as financial gains both in production increases and cost reductions. During the course, Mr. Carlo Odoardi, the Certified Aladon Practitioner will discuss our needs in order to help us focus our efforts on the right assets as well as help us quantifying the potential benefits.

The Aladon Network is a global network of reliability experts whose members are certified by Aladon™ as practitioners in the delivery of RCM2 & RCM3, offering a team-based approach to developing a reliability strategy for all assets in an organization.

Network members are the exclusive providers of world-class RCM2 & RCM3 training & consulting services, as well as, EXP Professional software. This global network has helped clients apply Reliability Centered Maintenance in over 80 countries. More than 70,000 people have attended RCM2 & RCM3 training courses worldwide.productivity, and profitability.

Widely recognized as industry expert & thought leader in World-Class, Asset Management Strategy, Carlo Odoardi has a real passion for assisting companies sustain high business performance. For 30+ years, he's provided extensive reference on industrial reliability culture change, business transformation, advanced industrial technologies & Management Information System solutions. His specialty is the design & implementation of physical asset reliability strategies, practices, processes & enabling technologies to improve business results in all business sectors.