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 Cary, North Carolina

   November 17, 2020

 Burlington, Ontario

   March 10, 2020
   September 8, 2020

 Lube Technician
 Maintenance Technician
 Operations Support Personnel
 PdM Technician
 Reliability Engineer
 Reliability Technician

Des-Case products and services are designed to help companies achieve a new level of performance in maintenance and reliability. Combining unique services, a wide array of products, and solid support, Des-Case can help increase uptime, reduce costs, and gain greater efficiencies for your equipment.

Most people recognize that precision is an important part of a reliability driven maintenance program, but often struggle with how and where to start implementing changes. Des-Case's Lubrication Transformation Services are designed to help companies develop and deploy an executable plan to help them get to the next level. In conjunction with an array of products, the Lubrication Transformation process can help you quickly identify the steps you need to take, help your team learn practical machinery lubrication, and perform cost-benefit analysis to help you in your implementation.

Now, implementing precision lubrication best practices and gaining the profitability that goes with it, is easier than ever. Des-Case's technical team is committed to helping with guidance on where to go, and provide the tools to get you there.

  • Quantify
    • Benchmark assessments
    • Gap analysis
    • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Design
    • Lubricant storage and handling
    • Equipment modifications
    • Contamination control
    • Oil Sampling & analysis
    • Lubrication PM optimization
  • Execute
    • Storage and handling setup
    • Turn-key filtration installation
    • Reclamation and custom filtration
  • Educate
    • Practical machinery lubrication
    • ICML certification
    • Variety of on-demand education options
  • Measure
    • Routine inspection services
    • Troubleshooting
    • Evaluation for continuous improvement opportunities

Lubrigard can help you overcome the major hurdles to achieving world-class lubrication, by providing you with a specific action plan to improve equipment reliability and rescue your maintenance team from constantly "putting out fires". Lubrigard has the knowledge and support to provide you with specific solution to your current lubrication needs. Industrial supply since 2002.

Jarrod Potteiger Jarrod Potteiger is Education Services Manager and Sr. Technical Consultant for Des-Case Corporation. Jarrod has more than 20 years' experience in the field of lubrication, contamination control and oil analysis and has trained thousands of maintenance professionals in precision lubrication. Jarrod is a trusted consultant and advisor in the area of precision lubrication for many leading manufacturers including GE, Honda Manufacturing, ALCOA, International Paper, Dupont and many more. Jarrod and published numerous articles on the subject of precision lubrication and regularly presents workshops and papers at a variety of technical conferences including IMC, SMRP, IDCON and Marcon. Jarrod holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Alabama.